Harnessing the Power of Augmented and Virtual Reality for Events

Harnessing the Power of Augmented and Virtual Reality for Events

VR and AR are commonly known for gaming but company’s like Brightline Interactive have been paving the way for the technology to become a new and exciting way to add an experiential element to events. Virtual and augmented reality have the power to allow guests to experience the brand in the most immersive way, creating a sense of connection and loyalty. There are a variety of ways the technology will enhance the events and hospitality industry.

  • Enhancing the guest experience. VR/AR technology is an obvious fit for this utilization. Games at events (or anywhere) are the best form of entertainment. Interactive VR/AR can offer hyper-personalized experiences that are not only fun, but can be educational, memorable, and shareable with the rest of the world. Brightline Interactive’s virtual champagne spray is a next-level photobooth that allows guests to create a personalized, shareable champagne spray video.


  • Reduce logistics pains and costs. Have you ever been to a tradeshow and wonder how some of these vendors move their huge equipment, displays, or product lines? Virtual and augmented reality have the ability to reduce the logistics pains and costs associated with having to showcase massive displays and machinery. The technology can even be customized to bring test drives to a 10×10 space similar to the Toyota Teen Drive experience.

  • Market venue space more efficiently and effectively. It is expensive and timely to perform site visits. With VR, the venue can showcase their space realistically and scaled to size. Venues can now capture planners from all over the world with a full virtual walkthrough of the space. Additionally, planners are able to customize the virtual space with precise sizing of furniture and garnishments to make fluid decisions from wherever they are.

The opportunities for VR and AR in event and hospitality will continue to evolve as the industry understands the applications and impact. Join Visit Alexandria’s webinar on June 20th as Tyler Gates of Brightline Interactive and VR/AR Association discusses how to Harness the Power of Augmented and Virtual Reality for Events.

Listen to the full webinar presented by Visit Alexandria and Events Industry Council