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Simulation & Training

Virtual Reality-as-a-Service (VRaaS)

Our VRaaS product platform is a suite of virtual architecting tools enabling the non technical end user to develop specific training needs and SOPs to prevent training stagnation and predictability.

Key VRaaS tool sets include:

  • Scenario Building
  • Live Editing
  • After Action Review (AAR)

Brightline’s VRaaS training platform can be configured for your specific training needs and is capable of integrating immersive enhancements such as high fidelity head mounted displays, spatial scent, haptic feedback, brain computer interface, motion simulators, volumetric capture and more!


A brightline interactive joint venture


Strategic Mapping and Integration

YorkBright effectively pedigree maps and aligns emerging technologies and new capability requirements to military, Service, and Agency authoritative documentation, including the National Defense Strategy (NDS), Combatant Command (CCMD), Integrated Priority Lists (IPL)s, Service capability gaps, Joint Capabilities Areas (JCA), and other directive-level guidance.

Strategic & Official Partnerships

In support of Brightline’s solutions, we foster a robust partnership program that leverages technologically advanced and industry standard-setting organizations to support our efforts with a deep repository of enhancing technologies.


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