Interactive Virtual Reality 101

Interactive Virtual Reality 101

Brightline’s Managing Principal, Tyler Gates, spoke to hundreds of conference and tradeshow hosts on “Electrifying Events with Augmented and Virtual Reality” during the PCMA Educon at the NYC Marriott Marquis. The presentation gave an overview of interactive virtual reality (VR), the many applications of VR, and the seamless process of identifying the need, creating a customized product, and delivery/set-up. Here is the full scope of everything you need to know about interactive virtual reality and working with Brightline for your VR production needs. PCMA also posted an article discussing “The Most Powerful Question to Answer Before Using AR or VR at Your Event”.

What are the four types of realities?

The four types of reality are;

Real world: what we experience on our own, without the use of technology or equipment.

Augmented reality: experiencing virtual objects in the real world.

Augmented virtuality: experiencing real objects in a virtual world.

Virtual reality: experiencing a completely new world with fully augmented objects.

Within VR, what are the three main hardware units?

The three main hardware units that are currently used to integrate a person into a virtual world are; Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and the HTC Vive.

All of these devices have similar capabilities, but each has specific advantages. Samsung Gear VR is the most mobile as it operates by using the Samsung Galaxy S8 (smartphone), Oculus Rift and HTV Vive operate off of gaming rig CPU’s, so they have enhanced graphics capabilities, and the Vive even allows the user to walk around in a confined space (room scale).

What are the two main interactive VR executions?

The two main interactive VR executions are for purposes of gaming and entertainment as well as training and simulation.

What industries are prime targets for interactive VR?

Interactive VR has been a big hit for training purposes, especially for defense agencies using the technology for battle and equipment training. Another good use of interactive VR is at tradeshows. VR allows vendors to easily transport the scalable sales tool to their booth to seamlessly recreate an actual environment where prospective customers can test equipment or preview a service or a product, all while developing a deep emotional connection.

What is the average production timeframe for an interactive VR project?

Brightline has completed full end-to-end interactive VR projects in as little as 3 months. Although, we recommend as much lead time as possible so that we can make the concept for your VR project fully customized to your business needs.

What is the main driver for brand recognition?

The main driver for brand recognition is the ability to generate an emotional connection to the brand. Interactive VR creates a memorable experience that will cause a consumer to try your brand over others and ultimately lead to brand loyalty.

Can you share one success story of how one group used this for event design or design for behavior change?

One of our biggest successes is our creation of a flood simulation for FEMA. The project immerses community leaders in real flood environments where they are able to experience the real-life danger and threats of what could happen in their community during this natural disaster. The simulation prompts users to make critical decisions that could potentially mitigate further disaster caused by floods. Click here to read more on this project via PRWeek.

Another awesome project is our Toyota Distracted Driving Simulation. The experience takes teen drivers behind the wheel and out on the road where multiple obstacles and distractions are introduced throughout the duration of the trip. The driver is taught to pay attention to the road and their surroundings because one never knows when something unexpected may occur! Click here to watch the video.

Both of these projects are on-going and touring the nation helping educate people. Who knew VR could be just as much educational as it is fun?!

Do you have any advice for any groups contemplating looking into this new technology? Where do they start?

All you need to start your VR project is the desire and a rough budget of what you can spend. Brightline’s team will work with you to ideate the perfect creative solution for your needs. We will customize the program to meet your brand goals, install any vital equipment, and educate you on how to run the equipment yourself for future use. The great thing about this technology is that you don’t need on-site assistance from the experts every time you set up. But rest assured that support is always available if needed.

If you are interested in learning more about AR/VR or have specific project needs, please reach out to Tyler Gates at 703-943-7202 or