GEICO Karaoke & Pinball Bus Mobile Tour

Brand Fan Engagement, Custom Technology
About This Project

Client: RedPeg

Brand: GEICO

Brightline Interactive partnered with RedPeg Marketing to deliver a crowd-pleasing game experience for GEICO in support of its 2014-2018 mobile tours.

Brightline designed, developed, and installed a 3D virtual pinball machine and interactive karaoke station. In total, there were 28 virtual pinball machines and seven karaoke stations activated across the country. Combining the fun of using real arcade buttons and the 3D animations of beloved GEICO mascots, users have a chance to place on a national leaderboard and qualify for prizes at each stop of both the NHRA Tour and the 75th Anniversary Tour for GEICO. In addition, users could sing some karaoke with the GEICO Gecko and record a 30-second video that sends directly to their mobile device.

This live-keyed karaoke experience was reimagined from the traditional version, incorporating new social elements to amplify brand exposure. A feature on GEICO’s 75th anniversary mobile tour, users were able to choose from a selection of songs with each performance resulting in a user-generated YouTube video to share on their social media channels.The karaoke station produced over 9,000 user-created videos, almost 25,000 unique microsite visits, and over 2,000 social media shares throughout GEICO’s mobile tour.