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With over 15 years in the government space, Brightline is the nation’s leading provider of sensor and AI-integrated, augmented and virtual reality platforms. We use AR and VR, along with various sensor platforms, object tracking, mechanical engineering and complex database integration for military and government clients.

In order to create the most optimized Interactive VR simulation and training platforms, Brightline combines multiple technology systems and tactical execution to achieve appropriate levels of user attention, data management, metrics reporting, and real-time visualization of performance.


What We Offer

Simulation & Training Experience Production

Produce interface designs, 3D modeling and environmental integration, application development, sensor integration, fabrication, testing and deployment.

Multi-Platform Design & Development

Develop and visualize concepts for strategic execution across all technology platforms, curriculum integration, and mechanical engineering.

Discovery, Experience Strategy & Analysis

Audit program curriculum, learning objectives, content, design & media assets, technology, user experience and analytics goals. Conduct SME interviews.

Real-Time Data / Analytics Reporting

Produce fully customizable, client dashboard providing real-time analytics, reporting, and AI Data Integration.

For business inquiries, please contact:

Tyler H. Gates
(703) 943-7202